Master of Arts in English Career Opportunities

Master of Arts in English is a 2-year postgraduate degree program with 6 semesters. In this course, the candidates learn about an amalgamation of ancient and modern English Literature, which mainly comprises four primary areas of focus namely, Poetry, Prose, Drama, and Linguistics. Many of the graduates are pursuing this course. MA in English gives the students a chance to delve into the vast ocean of literature from around the world, including literature from America, Australia, Scotland, India, Poland, France, etc.

Career opportunities for the Master of Arts in English are as follows:-

  • Editor or Assistant Editor:- The main role of an Assistant Editor is to assist the publisher and commissioning editor with the development and delivery of a manuscript. Assistant Editors work closely with authors and editors, supporting the editor with admin help and coordinating with other departments such as sales and production.
  • Web Content Writer:- Web content writer is a person who specializes in providing relevant content for websites. Every website has a specific target audience and it requires the most relevant content to attract business.
  • Academic Writer:- An Academic Writer creates college-level papers such as essays, dissertations, and theses. Technically, any college student is an Academic Writer.
  • Teacher:- A teacher is a person who helps people to learn. He/ she often works in a classroom. There are many different kinds of teachers. Some teachers teach young children in kindergarten or primary schools.
  • Translator:- A translator is someone who conveys material communicated in one language such as English into another language.
  • Public Servant:- They're accountable to the elected government, not a political party. They develop and deliver public programs or services, inform policy-making, and provide evidence-based advice to leaders.
  • Quality Control Executive:- Top Quality Control Executive oversees all aspects of an organization's quality control function, ensures that the products meet corporate standards as well as all applicable government regulations.
  • Theater Actor:- A theater actor performs in plays and other types of live productions, such as skits, dinner theater, and cabaret shows. With the most common venue being a live stage, theater acting does not include the benefits of multiple takes and editing that film and television actors enjoy.

Employment Areas in Master of Arts in English

After the completion of the course of Master of Arts in English, the candidates can join the following reputed firms:-

  • Education
  • BPOs and KPOs
  • Publishing
  • Theatre, Media and Entertainment
  • Corporate
  • Writing
  • Advertising and Public Relations

Salary Package in Master of Arts in English

The salary package in the field of B.Voc in Electronic Manufacturing Services is really high. The starting salary in this field is approximately 40 to 50k per month. The salary package depends upon the company, location, and work profile, etc.

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